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746-90583 - Modica chocolate ravioli filled with ricotta at the Locanda Don Serafino restaurant in Ragusa Ibla, led by Vincenzo Candiano, chef of the starred restaurant. Via Avvocato Giovanni Ottaviano, 13, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy
832-393705 - Common octopus Octopus vulgaris), mating, male on left inserts mating arm into mantle cavity on female's siphon transfers sperm-filled capsule, Red Sea, Aqaba, Kingdom of Jordan
1350-135 - The colourful region around Antares in Scorpius, the yellow star at centre. To the right is the globular cluster Messier 4. Above right of Antares is the smaller globular NGC 6144. Above are the nebulas associated with Rho Ophiuchi. The area is filled with reflection (yellow and blue) and emission nebulas (red and pink). The field simulates a binocular field.
1350-145 - A flower-filled meadow at the Hay Barn Road at Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, with the summer Milky Way and Mars to the south over Waterton Valley and Vimy Peak at left.
1350-79 - The Belt and Sword region of Orion, with the Orion Nebula, Messiesr 42 and 43, at bottom. Below the left star of the Belt, Alnitak, is the famous Horsehead Nebula, while above it is NGC 2024, aka the Flame Nebula. At very top left is Messier 78, while part of Barnard's Loop arc across the field at left. The field is filled with other faint red emission and blue reflection nebulas. The large loose open cluster Collinder 70 surrounds the middle star of the Belt, Alnilam.
1350-47 - This is the Belt of Orion with its three blue stars across the top of the frame (L to R: Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka), with the iconic Horsehead Nebula (aka B33) below Alnitak, with the dark Horsehead set against the bright nebula IC 434, aka Orion's Dagger. The pinkish nebula above Alnitak is NGC 2024, the Flame Nebula. The small blue reflection nebula left of the Horsehead is NGC 2023, with smaller IC 435 to the left of it. The field is filled with the large open cluster Collinder 70. The multiple star at bottom left of centre is Sigma Orionis. Many other smaller bits of reflection nebulas populate the field in and around the Belt.
832-383856 - Hot stones are filled into the body with tongs, traditional cooking of a goat with hot stones in its belly, Mongolian cooking method Boodog, Toew-Aimag, Mongolia, Asia
832-384111 - Top view of National Library of St Mark's or Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, the Campanile bell tower and Doge's Palace at St Mark's Square filled with tourists, San Marco district, Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe
746-89957 - Fresh hand made pasta, ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, with fresh tomatoe souce and organic basil, Il Giardino Di Epicuro restaurant, the epicurean garden, Maratea, Basilicata, Italy, Europe
746-89956 - Fresh hand made pasta, ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, with fresh tomatoe souce and organic basil, Il Giardino Di Epicuro restaurant, Maratea, Basilicata, Italy, Europe