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1243-562 - A weathered stone fort stands tall against a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds. A Portuguese flag waves proudly from a flagpole mounted on the top of a small turret on the forts wall
1116-53086 - Flags and statuary decorate a colorful roadside altar in a desolate region of northern Chile. Shrines or animitas are a common tradition of memorials that mark the site where someone died. People who are not related to the person who was killed can offer a prayer at the animita, in this way, animitas can take the roles of popular saints in the Catholic religion, Pan American Highway, Chile
860-292388 - Landscape of Svalbard in Norway, also known as Spitsbergen. This territory stretches from latitude 75 to 80 degrees to the pack ice a few hundred kilometers from the North Pole. Melting ice, premature global warming. Exploration boat in Madeleine Bay. Young explorer on deck.
1358-274 - The Cenotaph in Front Street, built in 1920 and commemorating the dead of Bermuda from two World Wars, in front of the Cabinet Office, Hamilton, Bermuda, Atlantic, North America
832-402455 - Marble main entrance of Academy of Athens, national research center, columns or pillars with Athena, ancient Greek goddess and patron of city, and Apollo, ancient Greek god and patron of arts and science. National Greek flag. Summer day, blue sky