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762-173 - Traditional Latvian folk dancing, performed at the Latvian Open Air Ethnographic Museum (Latvijas etnografiskais brivdabas muzejs), near Riga, Latvia, Baltic States, Europe
746-89244 - Procession of Santa Maria de is Aquas, Sardara, Sardinia, Italy, EuropeSardinia; Sardinian; Traditions; Typical; Sardara; Feast; Religious; Catholic; Church; Ales; Terralba; Dress; Vest; Shawl; Folk; Folclore; Wrap; Oxen; Procession; Horizontal; Vertical
746-88389 - Transhumance, the great sheep trek across the main alpine crest in the Otztal Alps between South Tyrol, Italy, and North Tyrol, Austria. This very special sheep drive is part of the intangible cultural heritage of the austrian UNESCO Commission. Fair at Kurzras with traditional folk music, food and drinks for the herders and the tourists. Alpenhorn played by mountain farmers in their traditional blue skirt, Europe, Central Europe, Italy
746-88359 - Maidens Fair on the mountain Gaina is a traditional transsylvanian festival, where young people met, to find partner to marry. As the valleys in the Apuseni Mountains are remote and travelling was difficult in former times, it was and is still held on top of a mountain called Gaina, to make asccess easy for all valleys in the region, Europe, Eastern Europe, Romania, Transsilvania, Apuseni
857-88700 - Olga Nuria, director of the Flamenco Dance group Savia Nueva teaches girls in the Pena Cultural Flamenca La Petenera in Paterna de Rivera, Cadiz province, Andalusia, Spain