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1113-105815 - Kitchen crew of the passenger cargo ship Aranui 5 (Aranui Cruises) prepare a beach barbecue for guests on a private Motu islet in the lagoon of Bora Bora, Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia, South Pacific
1113-105805 - Cake for dessert at the Polynesian evening with a rich buffet and cultural entertainment on board the passenger cargo ship Aranui 5 (Aranui Cruises), at sea near the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, South Pacific
1350-2241 - Stefan Berndt, the executive chef of Paul Gauguin show some dishes of the restaurant, 2-star Michelin. Paul Gauguin cruise, Society Islands, Tuamotus Archipelago, French Polynesia, South Pacific.
1350-2094 - Tahitian man with her daughter carrying baguettes while riding a bicycle on the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia, Tahiti Nui, Society Islands, French Polynesia, South Pacific.
746-89908 - Portrait of the owner of the Restaurant Brunello in Milano along with one of their traditional dishes: Cotoletta Milanese served with baked french potatoes and a tomatoes salad with a glass of red wine