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832-393091 - Car valves in the raw state in a wheelbarrow in front of a screw press in a drop forge, Industrial Museum, Lauf an der Pegnitz, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-393113 - Swedish house built in 1554, small farmhouse in late medieval style, old wicker fence in front, Franconian Open Air Museum, Bad Windsheim, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-393159 - Two milk cans are standing on a table in front of the village oak in the centre of the Rundlingsdorf Kuesten, district of Luechow-Dannenberg, Wendland, Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe
1350-96 - The partial eclipse of the Sun, October 23, 2014, as seen from Jasper, Alberta, in this case shot through thin cloud but that makes for a more interesting photo than one in a clear sky. This is still shot through a mylar filter, on the front of a 66mm f/6 apo refractor using the Canon 60Da for 1/25 sec exposure at ISO 100. The colours are natural, with the mylar filter providing a neutral 'white light' image. With the Sun dimmed a lot by cloud, the longer exposure allowed picking up light and colours in the surrounding clouds.