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832-397157 - Rosette of the southern transept with 19th century leaded glass windows, Saint-Paul Aurelien Gothic Cathedral, Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Finistere Penn ar Bed department, Bretagne Breizh region, France, Europe
832-396841 - Macro close up of atlantic squid plated with potato rich sauce cream reduction, radish and aromatic herbs, fine dinnng concept with a glass of white wine with selective focus
832-396532 - Swabian cuisine, Filderkraut cabbage cake, hearty pastry, salty cake, yeast dough, cabbage and bacon, smoked meat, cooling grid, autumn still life, foliage, grapes, red wine, glass, plate, cutlery, knife, fork, Germany, Europe
832-395238 - Aperol Spritz in a glass with orange slice, Sprizz, Veneziano, mixed drink, mixed drink, white wine, liqueur, mineral water, prosecco, spirit, aperitif, alcoholic drink, cocktail