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832-386698 - Karluv most, people on the Charles Bridge at dusk, in the back dome of the church Kreuzherrenkirche with old town bridge tower, Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe
832-386724 - City view, bridges over the river Vltava, Charles Bridge with Old Town Bridge Tower and Water Tower, back fireworks, evening mood, Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe
832-384111 - Top view of National Library of St Mark's or Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, the Campanile bell tower and Doge's Palace at St Mark's Square filled with tourists, San Marco district, Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe
1116-44809 - Washington National Cathedral, West Facade Of Cathedral, Built In Gothic Revival Style Required 83 Years To Complete And Repair Work Resulting From 2011 Earthquake Visible On Left Tower, Washington, District Of Columbia, United States Of America
849-1979 - Sitting on the banks of the River Danube, the Hungarian Parliament Building dating from the late 19th century, built in Gothic Revival style, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Budapest, Hungary, Europe