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832-392531 - Red mineral deposits and green algae at a thermal spring, steaming hot springs, Whirligig Geyser, Noris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, North America
869-4672 - globular alga volvox is found in ponds and ditches Up to 1000 single-celled green algae each one with a tiny pair of whip-like tails are linked together to form a hollow sphere Inside this sphere you can see smaller daugther-colonies which eventually come free when the original colony disintegrates magnification 60x at 5x7
832-190573 - Autumn mood at the Five-Color Pond in which dead trees are lying, and seaweed and sea grass is growing, Jiuzhaiguo Valley, Jiuzhaiguo National Park, Sichuan, China, Asiaan, China, Asia
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