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832-395784 - The Hauptwache, view from above onto a square with shops and restaurants, in the background the skyline Illuminated in the evening, everything comes from an instant photo, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany, Europe
1113-68168 - VIP Room Bar and Disco, trend bar, club, bar, disco, chic, trendy, dance, flirt, lichtshow, Lichteffekte, party szene, Partyworld, Theke, video screen, aus: "Mythos Shanghai", Shanghai, Sachbuch, Bildband, Fotos Karl Johaentges, Text Erich Follath, Verlag, Collection Rolf Heyne, 2005
857-62763 - Dr. George Schaller and the other members of his wildlife survey team have dinner in the guest room of the village headman, in the village of Dera Jawal, Kushk-i Kuhna District, Herat Province, Afghanistan
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