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1116-49945 - Agriculture - Center pivot irrigation system silhouetted at sunrise on a hay field. The center pivot system is not operating as the hay field has been cut and windrowed for drying prior to baling / Alberta, Canada.
1116-47791 - A young girl wearing an orange jacket holds a bag while reaching up to pick an apple from a tree branch, South-central Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America
1116-43330 - A farmer examines corn residue in front of a combine harvester with a tractor and grain wagon in the background, during the feed/grain corn harvest, near Niverville, Manitoba, Canada
1116-42775 - Agriculture - Field of wheat stubble being burned after the harvest to control diseases, reduce weed competition and to make the next planting easier. Volunteer fire fighters use the burning for training / near Williams, California, USA.
1116-42819 - Agriculture - Fresh burn scars in wheat stubble. Wheat stubble is burned after harvest to eliminate fungus growth on the stubble which causes damage to the following years crop / near Casselton, North Dakota, USA.