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1113-105901 - Campfire in fireplace in the luxury tented resort Magashi Camp (Wilderness Safaris) on the edge of Rwanyakazinga Lake in Akagera National Park, Eastern Province, Rwanda, Africa
1113-105910 - Chairs surround fire pit at the luxury tented resort Magashi Camp (Wilderness Safaris) on the banks of Rwanyakazinga Lake, Akagera National Park, Eastern Province, Rwanda, Africa
832-382527 - Woman from the Lahu people, hill tribe, ethnic minority, cooking on an open fire in a kitchen made of bamboo, Mae Hong Son Province, Northern Thailand, Thailand, Asia
832-338817 - Glowing iron rod being hammered into shape against an anvil by two smiths wearing long white leather gloves, Industrial Museum, Lauf an der Pegnitz, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-203427 - Pots on an old wood stove, kitchen in the Haus Andrinet house from 1740, Wolfegg farmhouse museum, Allgaeu region, Upper Swabia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
832-75520 - Kitchen, 1911, with view into the bedroom, farmhouse from Herrnbechtheim, Franconian open-air museum, Eisweiherweg 1, Bad Windsheim, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-76246 - Wall painting with white grizzly and orca behind a fireplace, community center, First Nation village of the Gitga'ata people, Tsimshian, Hartley Bay, British Columbia, Canada, North America
832-62424 - Pressure cooker on stove made of clay with a wood fire, Acampamento 12 de Otubro landless camp, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra, a Brazilian landless movement, MST, Munizip Claudia, Mato Grosso, Brazil, South America
817-406076 - Rotermanni was a former factories area, now under renovation it has become one of the most prestigious shopping, entertainment and living areas of the city, Tallinn, estonia
770-737 - One of eight stone houses with stone furniture including beds, a central hearth and stone dresser, Skara Brae, neolithic village dating from between 3200 and 2200 BC, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mainland, Orkney Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
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