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1116-52751 - Famous rusty shipwreck, Sudurland Shipwreck near the abandoned herring factory in the town of Djupavik along the Strandir Coast in the West Fjords of Iceland, Djupavik, West Fjords, Iceland
832-404138 - Autumnal coloured trees with iron bridge over the river Maltsch with the city wall of the historical old town of Ceske Budejovice, ?eske Bud?jovice, South Bohemia, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe
832-404139 - Hotel Krcinuv Dum, murals on the Krcin House in the historic old town of Krumlov, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cesky Krumlov South Bohemia, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe
832-404063 - Night shot, illuminated historical buildings, festive street lighting, rain-soaked street, cars, passers-by, Scigli, baroque town, baroque angle, southeast, Sicily, Italy, Europe
832-404044 - Aerial view Semaphore, ruins of Saint-Mathieu Abbey, lighthouse and Notre Dame de Grace Chapel at Pointe Saint-Mathieu, Plougonvelin, rear Crozon Peninsula, Finistere Penn-ar-Bed Department, Brittany Breizh Region, France, Europe
832-403528 - Curchi Monastery outdoor view of the famous landmark in Orhei, Moldova. Christian Orthodox style church tradional for eastern Europe culture. Beautiful garden with trees around the basilica
832-403388 - A woman with her son walking in the arches of the fortress of the Ottoman castle of Gjirokaster or Gjirokastra and in the background the church with the clock tower. Albania, Kulla e Sahatit
832-402991 - Paris cityscape with view to the Eiffel Tower, France. Beautiful parisian architecture with historic buildings, landmarks and busy city street. Aerial vertical background
832-402983 - Bibliotheque Mazarine in Paris. Architectural facade details of the historical building which includes the Academy of Fine Arts and Institute of France. Old library outdoors view from Ponts des Arts
832-402761 - Aerial view, evening light, Roman aqueduct, Old Town, Kavala, Dimos Kavalas, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Gulf of Thasos, Gulf of Kavala, Thracian Sea, Greece, Europe