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1116-53452 - Dall sheep ewe (Ovis dalli dalli) in thick winter pelage rests in this image taken in the bluffs along the Seward Highway and Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Alaska, United States of America
1350-6678 - Strawberry Poison Frog (Dendrobates pumilio), adult, Bastimentos National Park, Bocas del Toro, Panama. The strawberry poison frog or strawberry poison-dart frog (Oophaga pumilio or Dendrobates pumilio) is a species of small amphibian poison dart frog found in Central America. It is common throughout its range, which extends from eastern central Nicaragua through Costa Rica and northwestern Panama. The species is often found in humid lowlands and premontane forest, but large populations are also found in disturbed areas such as plantations. The strawberry poison frog is perhaps most famous for its widespread variation in coloration, comprising approximately 15���30 color morphs, most of which are presumed to be true-breeding. O. pumilio, while not the most poisonous of the dendrobatids, is the most toxic member of its genus. The species is most diverse in Panama with varieties in vivid shades of all red, orange, blue, yellow or green, green and yellow, white with red, orange or black and spotted varieties. The most colorful mix is found in Isla Bastimentos Marine National Park though not all in one place. Colors vary by location. A beach on the north side of the island is named after the species. Two of Southern Explorations' Panama tours visit red frog habitat. Both the eight-day Panama Adventure trip and eleven-day Panama Highlights trip spend time in Isla Bastimentos Marine National Park and the former also goes to Red Frog Beach. The red frog is not as poisonous as some of its cousins and is not a threat to humans. It subsists on a diet of ants that dine on poisonous plants, providing the red frog its protective skin toxin. Males attract females with a loud quick chirp. To hear the distinctive sound before you depart on your Panama tours, go to the University of Michigan Museum's biodiversity website ( After birth, the tadpoles climb aboard the mother who deposits them in different protected areas where she retu
1348-5430 - Color satellite image of Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex and Ouarzazate, Morocco. It is the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world. Image collected on July 10, 2020 by Sentinel-2 satellites.
1348-5428 - Color satellite image of ice pack at the mouth of Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. This glacier is one of the most studied in Antarctica, as part of climate change monitoring. Image collected on March 07, 2018 by Sentinel-2 satellites.
1348-5421 - Color satellite image of the indigenous territory Igarape Lage, Rondonia, Brazil, covering an area of 688,000 square kilometers. Image collected on September 25, 2020 by Sentinel-2 satellites.
1348-5429 - Color satellite image of breakup of ice pack at the mouth of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. This glacier is one of the most studied in Antarctica, as part of climate change monitoring. Image collected on January 31, 2019 by Sentinel-2 satellites.