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1113-107081 - Young people in traditional costumes for tourist presentations. Shigansk is a settlement on the lower reaches of the Lena, where it crosses the Arctic Circle on its way to the Arctic Ocean. It was founded in 1632. The population lives mainly from fur hunt
1113-106426 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; southern Ethiopian highlands; Kolcho village on the Omo River; young Hamer woman with typical curly hairstyle and jewelry; First wife, recognizable by the massive choker with ornament
1113-106431 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; southern Ethiopian highlands; two boys of the Arbore people; with with headdress and face painting; Arbore tribal area between Turmi and the village of Arbore
1113-106425 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; Kolcho village; on the Omo River; Omo Valley; Woman from the ethnic group of the Karo; dressed in a typical leather apron; Head and neck jewelry made from multicolored pearl necklaces
1113-106638 - Aerial view of school children in front of ATCA School in Donemisay Village supported by funds provided by Lernidee Adventure Travel, Ban Pak Tha, Pak Tha District, Bokeo Province, Laos, Asia
1113-105860 - The Lovo underground furnace opens to passengers of cruise ship MV Reef Endeavor (Captain Cook Cruises Fiji) during a nightly village visit, Gunu, Naviti Island, Yasawa Group, Fiji Islands, South Pacific
860-290102 - Granite discoid steles overlooking the village of Ainhoa (most beautiful village in France). In the distance, the Rhune mountain located on the border ridge between France and Spain, Basque Country, France
860-290092 - Person who provide contact with the divers inside the maina (sawed entry hole) to dive under the ice, Arctic circle Dive Center, White Sea, Karelia, northern Russia
860-289206 - Vegetation of the city by micro-flowering, Confederate jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), Mediterranean district, Montpellier In the framework of "Montpellier Cite Jardins", the City of Montpellier sets up a "Permis to vegetate »