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1113-105860 - The Lovo underground furnace opens to passengers of cruise ship MV Reef Endeavor (Captain Cook Cruises Fiji) during a nightly village visit, Gunu, Naviti Island, Yasawa Group, Fiji Islands, South Pacific
1311-229 - Historic Puntenney Kiln in Prescott National Forest, one of few relics left of the ghost towns of Puntenney and Cedar, Arizona, United States of America, North America
698-2704 - The Charcoal Kilns, bee-hive structure, designed by Swiss engineers, built by Chinese labourers in 1879, Panamint range, Emigrant Canyon Road, Death Valley National Park, California, United States of America, North America
586-1377 - Remains of kilns from old ironstone workings on Rosedale Moor with view to Esk Dale valley, North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
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