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832-394376 - Petri dishes in the hand of a laboratory technician at the drying cabinet in the laboratory, insertion of a multiple sample into a laboratory device, Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
911-10635 - The Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj, near Vadodara, India, is a tranquil haven of humanitarian care. The Ashram is hugely sustainable, next year it will be completely carbon neutral. Its first solar panels were installed in 1984, long before climate change was on anyones agenda. Their energy is provided from solar panels, and wood grown on the estate. Waste food and animal manure is turned inot biogas to run the estates cars and also used for cooking. Solar cookers are also used, and the air conditioning for the hospital is solar run. 70 % of the food used is grown on the estate. They provide an orphanage, schools for all ages, vocational training, care for the elderly, a specialist cancer hospital withstate of the art machinary, and even have a solar crematorium. This shot shows a Hematology Analyzer for analyzing blood in one of the labs in the specialist cancer hospital.
832-333961 - Three dimensional depiction of a computer graphic for the identification of parts of a solution of a homeopathic remedy, quality assurance in a company producing natural cosmetics, Arlesheim, Switzerland, Europe
832-319624 - DEU, Germany, Duisburg: Testing of a bulletproof west.Weapon laboratory, testing and repair of police weapons."ZPD-Zentrale Polizeistechnische Dienste" - Central support unit of the police. All things the police needs, from the uniforms to a helicopter wi
1194-2068 - Indonesia laboratory testing drinking water. Photograph taken in meulaboh, aceh province -december 2006, 2 years after tsunami of december 26th 2004 devastated much of coastal region. Taken to illustrate reconstruction work projects of (catholic relief services) of sponsored photo tour. terchnician : every house well gets tested. Unicef originally helped up to support other ngos in area, helps staff salaries provides us with equipment. coordinates activities with local government. water in local wells is quite contaminated, especially with arsenic, as well as nitrates, nitrites, iron, manganese fluoride. water became salinated after tsunami. We test here both water from shallow deep wells
817-115157 - The Howard Hospital Laboratory staff are busy and use fairly modern lab equipment, This day the department is waiting for a Swedish donation of a new chemical analyzer, The Howard Hospital is a Salvation Army facily based at Concession, Zimbabwe
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