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860-290898 - Ankole-Watusi cattle. It is an old african breed famous for its long horns often known as Cattle of Kings. In Uganda the Bahima still posess large herds of Ankole Cattle The ethnic group of the Bahima are traditional pastoralist and herdsmen like the Maasai, Masai in kenia. However they are not defiantly traditional and blend tradition with the economy of today. Afrika, East Africa, Uganda, Ankole, Mbarara
1350-3754 - A boy spreads incense at the Jesus Nazareno del Perdon procession during Easter Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala. Holy Week (Semana Santa) carpet of colored sawdust (alfombras) being prepared on Antigua street. Jesus Nazareno de la Penitencia Procession in Antigua, Guatemala.
1350-130 - Particularly large groups of sunspots on the Sun on September 4, 2017. The group at bottom is AR 2673, the group at top is 2674. The small spot at left on the emerging limb is AR 2677, while the groups disappearing at right are AR 2675 (top) and AR 2776.
857-95639 - Boy with painted face in tribal costume in front of large group of people in tribal costumes during Ati Atihan Festival, Kalibo, Aklan, Panay Island, Philippines