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1348-1101 - Thanks to a flashlight, the doctor can assess the state of the eyelids and the eye (conjonctiva, iris, pupil, transparency of the cornea) test the pupillary relfex (narrowing of the pupil reacting to light).
860-289015 - Waves hitting the lighthouse of the Carnot dike with a rainbow created by reflection of light on the waves, during the storm Ciara, Boulogne sur mer, February 2020, Hauts de France, France
1116-49664 - Although rarely seen in the ocean by divers, the Sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus) is likely the most numerous of all shark species found in Hawaii. This individual was photographed at the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium, Maui, Hawii, United States of America
1116-49666 - The Malabar grouper (Epinephelus malabaricus) is one of the largest and most common cod found on coastal reefs. It can weight over 300 lbs and reach 4 feet in length, Fiji
1116-50330 - A male lion (Panthera leo) lies with its head bathed in the golden light of dawn. It has a big mane and is staring into the distance,Klein's Camp, Serengeti National Park; Tanzania