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1161-8550 - Cloisters and modern bronze sculpture Descent of the Spirit by Lithuanian artist Jacques Lipchitz at Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Inner Hebrides and Western Isles, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
832-316064 - Europos Centre interior view, a shopping complex, office buildings, business district, and recreation and entertainment area in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, Baltic States, North East Europe
832-316013 - Gedimino Prospektas, largest shopping and pedestrian street in the city center, with many businesses, fashion shops, restaurants and bars, Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic States, Northeastern Europe
832-315995 - City panorama over the historic city centre of Vilnius, on the rightside, St. Michael's Church in front of the skyscrapers around the Europos Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic States, Northeastern Europe