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832-401836 - Single windmill turbine and small traditional Greek Orthodox chapel or church and road to them in colorful landscape on hilltop against blue sky with some cloulds on clear sunny summer day. Crete, Greece, Europe
832-399234 - Chiropractor using massage gun on patient leg, Physiotherapist using massage gun to relieve muscle pain, Percussion or vibration therapy. Physiotherapist using massage gun on patient
860-290785 - Sunken excavator. Despite not being heavily colonized by marine species, it can be considered a wreck, or an artificial ecosystem of scenic interest for divers. Underwater bottoms of Tenerife, Canary Islands.
1348-5373 - Former high-level sportsman Xavier Philippe has converted to goat farming and the manufacture and sale of fresh cheese, tomme cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, organic milk