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832-400348 - Faceless beautician using massager to remove fat from hips of anonymous customer in salon. Cosmetologist in a beauty parlor. Cosmetologist dermatologist in a beauty clinic. Cosmetic procedures
832-399234 - Chiropractor using massage gun on patient leg, Physiotherapist using massage gun to relieve muscle pain, Percussion or vibration therapy. Physiotherapist using massage gun on patient
1350-3261 - Stone guard statue and temple spires (chedi) at Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, the largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand and the birthplace of Thai massage.
1348-1090 - The Do In is an automassage technique of chinese origin, then imported in Japan. This technique is based on the pressure of certains points (acupressure) aiming at correcting body disorders. Massage the point Conception vessel 14. Aim : relieve anxiety and anguish.