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1113-107393 - Night mood on the Heuberg with summit cross and deep view of the Inn Valley and illuminated places of the Rosenheimer Land, Heuberg, Chiemgau Alps, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany
832-396799 - Field path leads through a mown meadow with bare fruit trees, sepia colours, autumn landscape, Mondseeland, Mondsee, Salzkammergut, Upper Austria, Austria, Europe
1113-107351 - Historical center of Ghent, Sint Michielsbrug bridge over the river Leie, Zannier Hotels 1898 Die Post and Sint Niklaaskerk church, belfry, city tower, Ghent, Flanders Belgium
832-396716 - Swabian cuisine, spinach cake spoon style with pancakes, Flaedle layered, pancake cake on plate, Swabian speciality, herb sauce in the back, sauce, knife, fork, Germany, Europe