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832-393528 - Arrow Rescue and paint remains on aircraft fuselage, rivets, detail, emergency landed American Air Force transport aircraft Douglas R4D-6 41-50187, near Porshoefn, Sauoanes, Langanes Peninsula, Iceland, Europe
832-389388 - Man on a hill in a black lava field with green moss stretching hands into the dramatic sky, Leihrnjukur in the Krafla, Skutustaoir, Norourland eystra, Iceland, Europe
832-382629 - Solfataras, fumaroles, mud pots, sulfur and other minerals, a woman on the viewing platform at the back, high-temperature geothermal area or Hverarond or Hverir, Namafjall mountains, Myvatn area, Norourland eystra, Iceland, Europe
832-380805 - Woman standing at divergent tectonic boundary between North American and Eurasian plates, photographing, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, rift valley, Krafla, Myvatn, Northern Region, Iceland, Europe