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1350-24 - The Orion Nebula complex consisting of M42, M43 and the reflection nebula area known as the Running Man Nebula, NGC 1973-5-7. NGC 1981 is the blue star cluster at top north edge. North is up, though in the sky from Australia where this was shot the object appeared upside down compared to this northern-centric view.
1350-41 - One of the 27 antennas of the Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope complex in New Mexico (with others in the distance at lower right) illuminated by moonlight, on December 13, 2013, peak night for the Geminid meteor shower. A single exposure of 30 seconds with the Rokinon 14mm lens at f/2.8 and Canon 5D MkII at ISO 800. Orion is rising a lower centre. The Moon is the bright object at upper right. The Pleiades and Hyades are above centre.
1350-127 - The region of the Milky Way in Puppis and Vela encompassing the vast Gum Nebula, a photographic object only. Sirius and Canis Major are at right; Canopus in Carina is at bottom. The False Cross and the open cluster NGC 2516 are at left.
1350-52 - The summer Milky Way with the Summer Triangle stars through pine trees, shot from the Howse Pass Viewpoint at Saskatchewan River Crossing, Banff National Park, Alberta. Jupiter is the bright object at the bottom.