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1179-3738 - Dusk lights on Puerta del Puente and Calahorra tower (Torre de la Calahorra), gate of Islamic origin, Cordoba, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Andalusia, Spain, Europe
1113-89634 - Marquess of Bath, Heir and Owner of Longleat House the biggest Tudor residence in England. Despite of his origin he prefers to live as an artsist, painting his murals, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
1196-219 - Nepal. Ritual, sonam/boom. Lobsangs cremation. Humla. traveler reached of journey! In freedom of infinite he is free from sorrow, fetters that bound thrown away, burning fever of life is no more,oesays dharmapada. Lobsang having spent whole life preparing moment of death, finds liberation on february 14, 1986. Extensive ritual follows cremation-traditionally a forty nine period, sonam lama rattles damaru. A small ritual drum to have origin in - shamanism. damaru, used as a tantric device to summon gods ward evil spirits, once made from human skull bone dreid human skin as a reminder of impermanence of body. Boom lama blows a kangling, a human thigh-bone horn. kangling is used in exorcism is capable of gods demons. Traditionally, best bones a kangling come from brahmans, particularly sixteen-year- brahman girls-or from tigers. On makeshift altar rest chhome, votive lamps filled with butter, cups of water, grains, tormas, holy food made of barley meal decorated with medallions of butter offered to gods. Alone, boom lama continues prayers of deceased
817-293321 - African origin, city, class, education, elementary, formation, no model release, Parlatuvier Anglican School, Parlat. African origin, city, class, education, elementary, formation, no model release, Parlatuvier Anglican School, Parlat
817-159514 - Erosion working on Jurassic limestones, This is the biggest Karstic landscape in Europe, The origin is the sea floor dating from 150 million years ago, Natural park of Torcal de Antequera, Antequera, Malaga province, Andalucia, Spain
312-3083 - High quality tea leaves, the top two leaves and a bud are used for First Flush or Second Flush teas, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, Asia
724-1836 - The Chocolate Hills, mounds of earth where grasses turn from green to brown during summer, of mysterious origin, Bohol island, The Philippines, Southeast Asia, Asia