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746-89835 - Bottles of Limoncello, a typical liqueur produced in the Amalfi Coast, obtained by maceration of the lemon peel in alcohol. The photo shows the newly bottled liquor in a small family-run factory in Positano, one of the last countries of the Amalfi Coast proceeding towards Naples, then to the north.
832-276473 - Hirschberg part of the town Beilngries in the Altmuehl valley Upper Bavaria Germany former hunting castle of the prince bishops of Eichstaett romanic west towers of the former castle
391-6240 - Frescos of artisans on side aisle ceiling, Qusayr Amra, Umayyad bath complex, Jordan, Middle EastBuilt in the desert by Caliph Walid I, 700-715, contains well preserved period frescos
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