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817-436917 - Representation, Way of the Cross, Good Friday, Easter week, from church of Sant Ramon de Penyafort to church of la Mare de Deu dels Angels, Rambla Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
817-436923 - Representation, Way of the Cross, chaired by Cardinal and Archbishop of Barcelona Lluis Martinez Sistach, Good Friday, Easter week, `la marquesina, Via Julia, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
817-436941 - procession, sisterhood of Jesus del Gran Poder y virgen de la Macarena, Statue usually in the San Agustin church, Good Friday, Easter week, La Rambla, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
1196-233 - Budhist lamas in prayer, bodhgaya, india. Monks attending kalachakra initiation at mahaboudhi temple in bodhgaya, india. mahabodhi temple marks site of buddha’s enlightment twenty-five hundred years. centuries have made pilgrimages across himalayas to sites connected with life of historical buddha. From a tantric perspective, pilgrimage is more than paying homage at sacred sites. Rather, it is that activities performed at these places become a memory of place itself. By attuning oneself through ritual meditation to this timeless presence, similar experiences be evoked
826-40 - The famous bas relief panel of Arjuna's Penance (Bhagiratha's Penance) at Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tamil Nadu, India, Asia
826-42 - A stone sculpture depicts a group of monkeys grooming close to Arjuna's Penance within the ancient site of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tamil Nadu, India, Asia
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