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860-292479 - Traditional Muslim children: girls wear abayas, boys wear kofias, traditional hats, on their way to school in the narrow streets of Stone Town, capital of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
860-292443 - Tek rebreather diver at a depth of 70 meters with a DPV specially equipped with 60,000 lumen lighting and 12 Gopro to carry out a 3D survey of a karstic cave submerged for over 14,000 years, Passe Bateau Sud, Mayotte Lagoon
860-292440 - Cave diver in an underwater cave of karstic origin at a depth of 75 meters during the Gumbo La Baharini 2 expedition, which aimed to produce a complete 3D model of this karstic cave using photogrammetry. Passe Bateau Sud, Mayotte lagoon
860-292388 - Landscape of Svalbard in Norway, also known as Spitsbergen. This territory stretches from latitude 75 to 80 degrees to the pack ice a few hundred kilometers from the North Pole. Melting ice, premature global warming. Exploration boat in Madeleine Bay. Young explorer on deck.
860-292324 - Following a period of extreme heat, a fire ravages a cereal plot: barley in the foreground and wheat in the distance, firefighters intervene to stop the fire. France Damage, loss, danger, insurance, appraisal, compensation problems
860-292258 - Lac du Pontet (1955 m) with La Grave (Les Plus Beaux Villages de France) in the background and Les Terrasses hamlet (1767 m), upper Romanche valley, Villar-d'Arene, Hautes-Alpes, France