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1116-52008 - Ponte Sant'Angelo spanning the Tiber River and lined with statues of angels illuminated by lampposts at dusk and leading to the Castel Sant'Angelo (Mausoleum of Hadrian); Rome, Lazio, Italy
1116-52241 - One woman paddling, one floating their yellow packraft boats downriver towards man in blue boat in background on a sunny, summer day on the Marsh Fork river; Brooks Range, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), Alaska, USA
1116-52096 - Stormy sky and the repeating view of the cement columns under the iconic Scripps Pier in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego; La Jolla, San Diego County, California, United States of America
1116-52198 - A tight squeeze for travelers exploring New Zealand's famous Franz Josef Glacier, iwth its blue Ice, deep crevasses, caves and tunnels that mark the ever changing ice formations; West Coast, New Zealand
1113-105935 - Low view of Inyambo (sacred) cow with huge horns and guardian in the garden of the Royal Palace Museum of Mutara III Rudahigwa from 1931, Nyanza, Southern Province, Rwanda, Africa