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832-397059 - Swabian cuisine, pretzel souffle with creamed mushrooms, vegetarian, healthy, using leftovers, pretzels from the day in front of, sustainable cuisine, salty appetiser, bake, from the oven, typical Swabian reinterpreted, different coloured plates, bowls, herb mushrooms, forks, traditional cuisine, food photography, studio, Germany, Europe
832-397055 - Swabian cuisine, preparation of hearty Gugelhupf, dried tomatoes in oil, red peppers at the back, large-leaf parsley, garlic cloves on chopping board, kitchen board, wooden plate, vegetarian, vegetables, healthy, typical Swabian reinterpreted, traditional cuisine, food photography, studio, Germany, Europe
832-397152 - Pointe du Raz Beg ar Raz, rocky cape with the offshore lighthouses Phare de la Vieille and Tourelle de la Plate, end of Cap Sizun in the west of the commune of Plogoff, department of Finistere Penn ar Bed, region of Brittany Breizh, France, Europe
832-396964 - Swabian cuisine, Pfitzauf with asparagus salad and honauforelle, green and white asparagus, vegetables, fish, smoked trout, pomegranate seeds, Pfitzauf moulds, baking moulds, souffle moulds, plate, knife, fork, cutlery, healthy cuisine, traditional cuisine, from the oven, baking, food photography, studio, Germany, Europe
832-396716 - Swabian cuisine, spinach cake spoon style with pancakes, Flaedle layered, pancake cake on plate, Swabian speciality, herb sauce in the back, sauce, knife, fork, Germany, Europe
832-396532 - Swabian cuisine, Filderkraut cabbage cake, hearty pastry, salty cake, yeast dough, cabbage and bacon, smoked meat, cooling grid, autumn still life, foliage, grapes, red wine, glass, plate, cutlery, knife, fork, Germany, Europe