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832-368957 - Students of the Escuela Ceiba school staging an election campaign, panel discussion, as part of their social studies class prior to the upcoming parliamentary elections, Lomas de Santa Faz slum, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America
832-312332 - "Uncle Ho", Ho Chi Minh, may not be missing in any public building, here in the house of the people's committee, village council hall, Dliya in the Dolisa district, Daklak province, Vietnam, Southeast Asia
832-308640 - German Bundestag building reflected in the facade of the Marie Elisabeth Lueders House and Paul Loebe House on the opposite side of the Spree River in the evening, Berlin, Germany
832-252048 - Detail of the facade of the parliamentary building, bronze sculptures of important personalities of Quebec's history, from left to right, Pierre le Moyne Iberville, Pierre La Verendrye, Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet, Quebec City, Canada, North Ameri