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860-291553 - Eastern moose (Alces americanus) males confront each other on a snowy forest track after the rutting season. A friendly fight that allows the dominant male to consolidate his stature. Parc de la Gaspesie. Quebec. Canada
860-291497 - Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Saatgut Tresor. Longyearbyen, die Hauptstadt von Svalbard auf der Insel Spitzbergen im Spitzbergen Archipel. Arktis, Europa, Skandinavien, Norwegen, Spitzbergen
860-291248 - Landscape in Skagafjoerdur during winter, Iceland. Landscape in Skagafjoerdur during winter. view of a snowed in country road with the fjord in the background europe, northern europe, iceland, March
860-291249 - Lava field Dimmuborgir during winter near Myvatn, Iceland. Lava field Dimmuborgir during winter near lake Myvatn in the highlands of Iceland in deep snow. View towards south into the central highland wiht mount Sellandafjall . europe, northern europe, iceland, February
860-291246 - Hofsos at Skagafjoerdur during winter, Iceland. Hofsos, a traditional fishing village with many historic buildings on the coast of Skagafjoerdur during winter. The municipal swimming pool. europe, northern europe, iceland, March