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1116-53087 - Clay pots piled on a tomb of the Lord of Sipan archeological site near Chiclayo, Peru in the Lambayeque Valley. Archaeologists uncovered burial places of several lesser important figures besides royalty at Sipan. One, a high priest, had a tomb almost as impressive as the royal ones. Another burial contained 1,137 pots shaped into warriors, priests, prisoners, musicians, and anthropomorphic deities, Sipan, Peru
809-8543 - Pope Francis presides over the Easter Vigil in St. Peter's Basilica, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Christians around the world marking Holy Week, Vatican, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
1350-2070 - A parishioner at mass. The Evangelist Catholic Churc. 65 138th Street in harlem, New York, USA. Abyssinian Baptist Church, just across Malcolm X Boulevard (7th Ave), provide a more real than it is a Mass in Harlem, not so paraphernalia or gibberish vision. Located across from each other, offer Mass on Sunday morning at 9 and 11, with a more modest gospel choir and an infinitely smaller audience.