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857-94465 - Robert Hahn reads in his tent as Ethan Welty walks past with his headlamp on at their camp on the Nam Ou River in Phou Den Din National Protected Area, Laos. The wooden tripod was built by hunters and fishermen who regularly camp and poach wild game within park boundaries despite (or perhaps without knowledge) that this is technically illegal.
1211-53 - Alice Isingizwe 8 years old who is dumb and her teacher Musabyemariya Alphonsine from Ngwino Nawe, the village for children with disability, teaching Alice how to read a book using signs, Rwanda, Africa
797-11005 - China, Shanghai, Revolutionary kitsch on sale at at Dongtai antique market Chairman Mao Zedong and Che Guevara and Red Star shoulder bags Chinese characters read Serve the People Lin Biao calendar atop Shanghai Belle advertizing poster Fake antique boxes and abacus.
832-368940 - Child care worker of the Mexican non-governmental organization CIDES reading a picture book to indigenous children in a slum, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, Central America