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832-397148 - Aerial view of ocean waves and fantastic rocky shoreline, Aerial view of a coastline along Great Ocean Road, Aerial view of waves hitting rocks on beach with turquoise water
832-397158 - Modern granite Pieta in front of the Gothic cathedral of Saint-Paul Aurelien, Saint-Pol-de-Leon, department of Finistere Penn ar Bed, region of Brittany Breizh, France, Europe
832-397231 - View from the Monument Aux Bretons at Pointe de Pen Hir on the rocks Les Tas de Pois, Camaret-sur-Mer, Crozon Peninsula, Finistere Penn Ar Bed, Brittany Breizh, France, Europe
832-397211 - Helicopter flying over smoking active volcanic crater, glowing lava, volcanic eruption, active table volcano Fagradalsfjall, Krysuvik volcanic system, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, Europe