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832-385856 - Woman in kimono in a lane, Yasaka dori historical alleyway in the old town with traditional Japanese houses, behind five-storey Yasaka pagoda of the Buddhist Hokanji temple, evening mood, Kyoto, Japan, Asia
746-89063 - Igreia San Nicolao, City Porto (Oporto) at Rio Douro in the north of Portugal. The old town is listed as UNESCO world heritage. Portugal, southern Europe, Europe
797-9876 - Canada, Alberta, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, The hoodoos and the Milk River, The park is sacred to the Blackfoot and other aboriginal tribes and is home to the largest collection of rock art on the North American prairies, Pictographs and Petroglyphs possibly 3,500 years old, Canada has applied for UNESCO World Heritage status for the site.