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1361-385 - Aerial morning view of the white lighthouse of Capo Murro di Porco on the peninsula Maddalena, Plemmirio Marine Park, Ionian Sea, Syracuse province, Sicily, Italy, Mediterranean, Europe
1116-52945 - Morning fog enhances the dramatic beauty of the waves crashing into the cliffs at Cape Disappointment Lighthouse at the mouth of the Columbia River in Southwest Washington, Washington, United States of America
1361-262 - High angle view of the lighthouse of Ponza (Punta della Guardia lighthouse) on top of basalt cliff at dusk, Ponza island, Tyrrhenian Sea, Pontine islands, Latina Province, Latium (Lazio), Italy, Europe
1352-116 - View towards Dovercourt High and Low Lighthouses (Dovercourt Range Lights), built in 1863 to work as leading lights, guiding vessels around Landguard Point, and discontinued in 1917, Harwich, Essex, England, United Kingdom, Europe