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817-115157 - The Howard Hospital Laboratory staff are busy and use fairly modern lab equipment, This day the department is waiting for a Swedish donation of a new chemical analyzer, The Howard Hospital is a Salvation Army facily based at Concession, Zimbabwe
817-115145 - Paul Thistle, right, listens to a woman patient in his office at the Howard Hospital, Thistle is a Canadian doctor and is the the Hospital's Chief Medical Officer, The Howard Hospital is a Salvation Army operated faciltiy located in northern Zimbabwe
817-115147 - Patients wait in the Maternity Ward of the Howard Hospital, They come for pre and post-natal consulatation, The Howard Hospital is a Salvation Army facility in northern Zimbabwe
817-115169 - The Salvation Army Howard High School holds the last Sunday service of the school term, Some prayers, some sermons and then children go to the front and sing a song, The High School is in Zimbabwe
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