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1382-168 - ' The Roadworker' sculpture, by Ignalina's sculptors Jonas Grunda et Raimundas Zievys, standing on the parking Kaukiske near Paluse, Aukstaitija National Park, Lithuania, Europe
1382-162 - 'Windward' sculpture by K. Pudymas depicting the French writer and philosopher J.P Sartre (created from a photo by A. Sutkus, captured in the Parnidis dune during his visit in 1965), near Nida, Curonian Spit, Lithuania, Baltic States, North Europe
1382-158 - sculpture made of reeds and intended to be burned during the celebrations of the autumn equinox, Amber bay near Juodkrante, Curonian Spit, Lithuania, Baltic States, North Europe
1382-144 - 'speaking' statue depicting Julija Beniuseviciute-Zymantiene, a Lithuanian writer, better known as Zemaite, her pen name, sculpture by Petras Aleksandravicius, Zemaites Square on Gedimino Avenue, Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe
1373-292 - View of the Plaza de los Refinadores monument in Seville, featuring a life-size bronze sculpture of Don Juan Tenorio, a fictional character from Spanish literature. The sculpture depicts Don Juan adorned in typical 17th-century attire.
238-4958 - Thailand's most famous Sukhothai Walking Buddha image, with left hand in Abhaya Mudra, dating from the Sukhothai Period in the 15th century, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia