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1116-48917 - Car tail lights illuminate the blowing snow on the Seward Highway during a dark, winter night, Turnagain Arm, Kenai Peninsula, South-central Alaska, Alaska, United States of America
1113-102584 - A backcountry skier with a DSLR camera taking a picture in a storm caused by Foehn winds, summit of the Mattjisch Horn, high valley called Fondei, Grison Alps, canton of Grison, Switzerland
746-88306 - Svinafellsjoekull glacier in Vatnajoekull NP during Winter, view over the frozen glacial lake and the melting glacial front. europe, northern europe, scandinavia, iceland, February
746-88229 - The church of Holar during winter. Holar is a famous archaeological site and is home to the Holar University Collage focusing on agriculture, horse breeding and tourism. europe, northern europe, iceland, March