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1196-182 - Vultures, drigung. bodies what we most attached to, says of monks. Thats offering ones body carries greatest merit. believe that should benefit other beings at every stage of ones life. After completion of powa ceremony, corpse is traditionally offered to great vultures lammergeiers that frequent charnel grounds. Vultures descend on flayed corpse. Offering bodies to birds is same as reciting mantras. It brings merit benefit to dead person as well as to family friends bring here. While cutting up corpse i to keep a pure compassionate mind. would feel if someone felt cutting up your body. -tomdenla. Tibet
1196-121 - Bhutan. Prayer flags. supreme guru is someone is drunk with experience of three higher trainings. qualified is someone confidence, energy, intelligence compassion, is mindful of shortcomings of worldly life transcended wordly concerns. -vajra verses of whispered tradition by indian mahasiddha naropa
995-99 - Eider duck (Somateria mollissima), male. Male appearing to call someone. Actual behaviour is scratching and cleaning mouth with claw on webbed foot, while drifting with winter raft , Scotland, United Kingdom