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1348-4620 - Globe North America, True Colour Satellite Image. Earth. True colour satellite image of the Earth, centred on North America. The North Pole is at upper centre. Water is blue, vegetation is green, arid areas are brown, and snow and ice are white. Both land and ocean floor topography are shown. The terrain of North America is marked by mountain ranges on the western coast, deserts in the south-west, and large lakes in the north-east. The shades of green vary, showing central plains, marshes in the far north, swamps in the south-east and forests in the north-west. Surrounding North America (clockwise from top) is the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, and the Atlantic Ocean (beyond which are Asia, Europe and Africa), South America and the Pacific Ocean. The image used data from LANDSAT 5 & 7 satellites. Print size 42x42cm.
832-393433 - Summer holiday in 1960: German coach on the way to (South Tyrol) (Italy) (Tyrol) (Austria), in front of the Gasthof Reschen Scheideck, today Hotel am Reschensee. The Reschen Pass crosses the main Alpine ridge and separates the Oetztal Alps in the east from the Sesvenna Group in the west. It connects the Vinschgau Valley with the Upper Inn Valley, Italy, Europe