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1348-4445 - Agriculture In The Murzuq Desert In 2005, Libya, True Colour Satellite Image. True colour satellite image of agriculture in the northern Murzuq Desert in Libya. The Murzuq Desert is an erg desert, part of the Sahara desert, in southwestern Libya. Circular agricultural plots are visible on the image. Image taken on 11 March 2005, using LANDSAT 7 data.
1116-46180 - Aerial View Of Clouds Reflecting On The Glassy Surface Of Nerka Lake, The Wood River Mountains In The Background, Wood Tikchik State Park, Southwestern Alaska, Alaska, United States Of America
1116-44098 - Aerial View Of Clouds Obscuring Peaks With A Lush Green Valley And Lake Visible In The Foreground, Aleutian Range, Alaska Peninsula, Southwestern Alaska, USA, Summer
857-87717 - Gorge of Studenica river in Southwestern Serbia. Morning scene with local road on the other side of the water and old oak trees on our side. Studenica in short means cold.