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832-404476 - Elk (Alces alces) mother with two cubs standing in the grass by a lake, autumn atmosphere, Nikkaluokta, Kiruna, Gaellivare, Norrbottens laen, Lapland, Northern Sweden, Sweden, Europe
1361-363 - Rear view of a young man with outstretched arms standing on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, Diamond beach, Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia
1361-358 - Beautiful girl with white dress standing on top of the tree house looking at the view on Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia
1373-71 - View of the Fountains of Po and Dora in Piazza CLN, dating back to 1936 and adorned with allegorical sculptures, standing as neorationalistic symbols in architect Marcello Piacentini's vision for Via Roma's redevelopment, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Europe
1116-52876 - View taken from behind of two women standing on a mountain top with arms around shoulders, enjoying the view, while exploring and photographing the amazing scenery of the Yukon up along the Sam McGee Trail near Carcross, Yukon, Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada
1116-52838 - Panorama of African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) standing in the water playing with each other with their trunks and tusks, face to face, in Chobe National Park, Chobe, North-West, Botswana
1116-52827 - View taken from behind of a woman standing in the foamy surf on the beach, looking out at the turquoise water with boats moored off shore along the horizon in Cane Garden Bay at twilight, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
1116-52755 - View taken from behind of a woman in a straw hat standing on the top of a mountain cliff looking out onto the brilliant, blue water of the Pacific Ocean along the Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii, United States of America
1361-311 - Person admiring the starry sky outside tent pitched on the shore of Cheserys lake surrounded by alpine landscape of Mont Blanc, Chamonix, Haute Savoie, French Alps, France, Europe
832-403101 - Great tit (Parus major) standing at the edge of a bank, reflecting in the water, looking forward, surrounded by small stones and old foliage, background blurred, Overijssel, Netherlands
1361-284 - Man with hat stands on top of Roman ruin facing the medieval castle of Torre Astura rising from the sea, Nettuno municipality, province of Rome, Tyrrhenian sea, Latium (Lazio), Italy, Europe
1361-250 - Hiker stands near the shore of Fenetre lake admiring the sunset over the massif of Mount Blanc, Ferret valley, Valais canton, Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard (St. Bernard mountain pass), Switzerland, Europe
1361-239 - Hiker admires the sunset in front of the giant massif of Pelmo mountain reflected in the water of the small lake of Baste, Giau Pass, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomites of Belluno, Veneto, Italy, Europe
832-402849 - American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) with two cubs standing in the water holding captured salmon in her mouth, rainforest, Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA, North America
1179-6295 - Lone hiker admiring mountains and cold arctic sea under the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Skagsanden beach, Ramberg, Lofoten Islands, Nordland, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe
1361-190 - Aerial view of tourist standing in an empty white sand beach looking at the sea in front of the fishing village of Marzamemi, Marzamemi, Pachino municipality, Siracusa province, Sicily, Italy, Mediterranean, Europe
1361-177 - View from below of a man standing in front of the castle of Torre Astura seen through a hole in the wall, Rome province, Tyrrhenian sea, Latium (Lazio), Italy, Europe
1353-513 - Couple in Snowsuits looking out over the Alta Canyon and Alta River from the Finnmark Plateau in winter, Finnmark Plateau, near Alta, Norway, Arctic Circle, Scandinavia, Europe
1361-157 - Tourist stands on top of the cliff overlooking Beachy Head lighthouse, Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, South Downs National Park, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, Europe