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1116-48180 - A young mom spinning her daughter while playing on a merry go round with a rope climber in a playground at sunset during a warm autumn evening, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-48064 - A male golfer drives a golf ball down the green with a wedge on a golf course while a disabled golfer in a specialized wheelchair watches, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-48065 - A physically disabled golfer, using a specialized wheelchair, hits the golf ball with his golf club on the golf green as a female golfer stands watching, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1314-74 - Woman swinging on tropical beach under coconut palm trees of Anse Volbert with Islet of Chauve Souris in the background, Cote d'Or, Praslin, Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Africa
1116-42729 - Agriculture - Young farm girl and boy wearing cowboy hats and rubber boots swing on a metal gate, hanging by their hands and legs and laughing / Northwest Missouri, USA.
1116-42728 - Agriculture - A young farm girl wearing a cowboy hat and rubber boots swings on a metal gate, hanging by her hands and legs and laughing / Northwest Missouri, USA.
832-379270 - Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), subadult female, walking during the rainy season in green surroundings, blurred effect by panning the camera, Kalahari Desert, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa, Africa