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1314-61 - Happy tourist woman touches curious Aldabra Giant Tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea) which stretches wrinkled neck, Turtle Sanctuary, Curieuse, Nature Reserve, Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Africa
1314-53 - Elegant caucasian blonde female with sunhat feeding a male of Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea, a tortoise native to Aldabra atoll. Praslin in Seychelles, archipelago of Indian Ocean
1116-41400 - A giant Galapagos tortoise (Geochelone nigra) beds down for the night below a tree house at the Tortoise Farm on the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Archipelago, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
1116-41401 - Giant tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) are the largest living species of tortoise that can grow up to 880 pounds and reach more than 6 feet in length, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador