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1116-53499 - View of the Lighthouse on San Giorgio Maggiore Island looking across the waterway of Bacino Di San Marco to St Mark's Campanile, St Mark's Square, Doge's Palace on and the City of Venice Island under a blue sky, Venice, Veneto, Italy
1116-52976 - Felucca traveling on the River Nile with the tombs of nobles and Qubbet el-Hawa in the background on the western bank of the river while a bird flies by, Aswan, Egypt, Africa
1116-52811 - View from behind of a man walking along the beach among the rocky sea cliffs looking out at the Pacific Ocean on the Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
832-398291 - Packed touring bike, crystal clear water in a shallow bay, view of the mountain range Seven Sisters, cycle tourism, cycle trip, Heroey Island FV 17, Kystriksveien, Nordland, Norway, Europe
1116-52147 - Travelers inside a camper van exploring North Holland searching for iconic windmills outside of Amsterdam Central along the journey to the coastal city of Egmond aan Zee; Holland
1116-51929 - Two women riding horses (Equus ferus caballus) traveling past acacia tree through the bush at the Gabus Game Ranch with mountains in the background at sunset; Otavi, Otjozondjupa, Namibia
1116-52169 - Men hunting from the Blue Duck Lodge, a working cattle farm with a focus on conservation, located in the Whanganui National Park. One man carrying goat kill on his back, (goats are a danger to the native wildlife and hunting is encouraged and educated here); Retaruke, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand