Robert Harding

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1113-107351 - Historical center of Ghent, Sint Michielsbrug bridge over the river Leie, Zannier Hotels 1898 Die Post and Sint Niklaaskerk church, belfry, city tower, Ghent, Flanders Belgium
832-396354 - Soft morning light, wide angle, sun star-shaped next to church tower, St. John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral, blue, sandy and ochre, sky intense blue without clouds, Fira, Santorini Island, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
832-396348 - White bell tower, close-up, sky blue and cloudless, Pentecost service, Agias Triadas Chapel, backlight, sun as star, Orthodox flags, near Korfi, Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
1179-5754 - Person admiring the bell tower standing in deep snow among red cottages at dusk, Gammelstad Church Town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lulea, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe