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1211-11 - Volunteer Primary Cluster Teacher trainer, Fiona Stevenson leading story time and singing in the yard of primary school in Fori, next to trainee Alpha Ajallow, The Gambia, West Africa, Africa
832-318486 - DEU, Germany: Basic training for future SWAT Team officers. They learn, during a year long course, all the basics which they need for their job in the special operation police units
975-42 - An IDP camp (internally displaced people) in Te-Tugu district of Northern Uganda has been created to accommodate the mass of Ugandan refugees fleeing the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) who are fighting the Ugandan government and its people. The camp is heavily dependant on foreign aid and some of the children benefit from very cool trainers. Te-Tugu, Uganda, East Africa
975-83 - In cramped conditions at the Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, a Thai trader is searching through many pairs of 2nd hand trainers, some of which take pride of place covering the walls of his stall. Bangkok, Thailand
920-2120 - Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) receives medical care from trainer, Marine mammal research center, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America, Pacific