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1116-47544 - A Mother And Daughter Dressed In Winter Coats, Hats And Sunglasses Taking A Self-Portrait With A Smart Phone While Tobogganing on Vacation, Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
1292-1547 - Early medieval burials in the late antique building area between 6th and 7th century BC, The Surgeon's Domus (Domus del Chirurgo), Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Italy, Europe
1116-39645 - Looking over the railing of the passenger deck on BC ferries as the ship leaves the dock at Tsawwassen on a sunny day, another ship is currently in the dock, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1278-94 - Terme Stabiane interior. 2nd century BC thermal complex, Stabian Baths, with columns at porticoed gym area, Pompeii, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Campania, Italy, Europe
805-957 - Detail of 2nd century BC Jain carvings of figures taking part in a Jain ceremony in the Rani Gumpha cave at Udayagiri archaeological site, near Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, Asia